The Mancha hunting cartridge is the result of an innovative development, particularly adapted to short and medium distance hair and feather hunting, according to its two versions, with a BIORIENTABLE mark (with a function similar to that of felt). , with dispersion GUALANDI.

Ideal for hunting by hand. Version in BIORIENTABLE TACO and GUALANDI DISPERSANT TACO.


  • 1. Special for hunting hair and feather

  • 2. Shooting at short and medium distance

  • 3. Available in the TACO BIORIENTABLE and TACO GUALANDI versions


V./1 mts
V./20 mts
Shot size
12/12/70 32 400-405m/s 360m/s 600 6 a 10
12/12/70 34 400-405m/s 360m/s 650 6 a 10