Plus 1

The cartridge of the specialists, of unique characteristics in the market and fruit of the development of the department of I + D and our shooters. Loaded with 22, 24, 26 and 28gr. of lead Magnum.

Special for a first shot, extremely smooth with an impact and demolishing plomeo for each discipline.

Available in SPORTING and RRCC modalities with prefragmented Gualandi cue. Also available in DOUBLE TRAP with prefixed Gualandi taco.


  • 1. Features that make it unique in the market

  • 2. The cartridge of specialists

  • 3. Extremely soft

  • 4. Impact and demolishing plot for each discipline

  • 5. Available in SPORTING, RRCC and DOUBLE TRAP modalities, all of them with a prefragmented Gualandi cue


V./1 mts
V./20 mts
Shot size
12/12/7022415-425m/s345-360m/s600 7,5/8
12/12/7024415-425m/s345-360m/s600 7,5/8
12/12/7026415-425m/s345-360m/s600 7,5/8
12/12/7028415-425m/s345-360m/s600 7,5/8
12/12/7028 SPORTING405-415m/sm/s650 7,5/8
12/12/7024 DOBLE TRAPm/sm/s