Plus 1 Sporting

Emblematic product, which has marked since its appearance a reference in the world of hunting. Completely developed by the Technical Department of the Company, with a specially designed cue, and maximum progressivity gunpowder.

Indicated especially for medium and long distance shots, to appreciate its full potential.

It is the fastest on the market with an astonishing forcefulness over the dejected piece.

Also version Shooting modality CODORNIZ.


  • 1. Powder of maximum progressivity

  • 2. Medium and long distance shots

  • 3. The fastest in the market

  • 4. Astonishing forcefulness over the dejected piece

  • 5. Available in the version Shooting quail


V./1 mts
V./20 mts
Shot size
12/70/2532430m/s370m/s6005 a 10
12/70/2534430m/s370m/s6505 a 10
12/70/1236430m/s370m/s6755 a 10
12/70/2536 (Quail)430m/s370m/s6757,5 a 10