Hunting cartridge Vuelo

Specialized cartridge, which meets without rival in browsing, hunting by hand, or passage of migratory. A true all-rounder loaded with high progressive powders and studs with great cushioning, which help us reach high speeds with smooth setbacks.


  • 1. Powder of maximum progressivity

  • 2. Specialized and unrivaled in browsing, hand hunting or migratory passage

  • 3. High speed

  • 4. Soft recoil

  • 5. A true all-rounder


V./1 mts
V./20 mts
Shot size
12/12/7028410-415m/s360m/s5255 a 10
12/12/7030410-415m/s360m/s5505 a 10
12/12/7032410-415m/s360m/s6005 a 10