Trap Max

Cartridge shooting competition with an excellent quality / price ratio. Highly progressive powder guns, which ensure a great firing smoothness, and a great force of impact at any shooting distance.

Also SKEET version with Gualandi prefragmented block.


  • 1. Powder of maximum progressivity

  • 2. Special shooting cartridge for competition

  • 3. Great shot softness

  • 4. Great impact strength

  • 5. Available in the SKEET version with Gualandi prefragmented block


V./1 mts
V./20 mts
Shot size
12/16/7024415-425m/s345-355m/s6007,5 a 8
12/16/7028405-415m/s340-350m/s6007,5 a 8
12/16/7024 SKEET410-415m/sm/s6507,5/8/9